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Cavity Wall Insulation Removal

Homeshield can remove old, perished Cavity Wall Insulation from the walls in your home and dispose of the old insulation safetly and environmentally.


Where cavity wall insulation has been inappropriately or poorly installed Homeshield can remove (with the exception of certain solid insulation batts) the cavity insulation filling material with the use of specialist equipment to blow the material in the cavity to specific points where a brick(s) can be removed and the filling 'sucked' out of the cavity. The material is then securely bagged up and disposed of via authorised waste handling facilities, your property will then be cleaned up and the holes used to remove the insulation material filled and sealed back up.


Prior to recommending the removal of the cavity insulation material Homeshield will first pinpoint the likely reasons why the cavity has suffered dampness, be it porous bricks, cracks in render or pebbledash, problems with the roofline or poorly fitting windows for example. It will then be recommended that immediately following the removal of the insulation matter and pre-defined period of time for the cavity to dry that measures are taken to prevent further water ingress in to the cavity.


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